About Us

MediPet is a brand of the family owned and operated Papilio Therapeutics, which is based in Brisbane, Australia. 

Established in 2018, Papilio Therapeutics is designed to give the community affordable & easy access to natural health products. 

MediPet is the arm of our company with formulas and products specifically designed for cats and dogs. MediPet specialises in C60 / Carbon-60 and terpenes like BCP Oil, for animal use. 

BCP Oil and C60 for Dogs - Our Story

We have personally seen the benefits of BCP oil and C60 for dogs, with of our own family pets. In fact, this is what inspired us to start Medi-pet, as our own dog, Molly had such an instantly positive reaction to the Papilio range.

A much-loved family member, our cocker spaniel was about 13 or 14 when she began suffering quite badly from arthritis – a common ailment in older dogs. Joint inflammation and pain meant that her legs became stiff, giving her a noticeable limp.

We added BCP oil and C60 to our dog’s diet, and were delighted to see her active and moving freely about our farm property again.

The usual lifespan of a dog of this size is around 14–15 years. We are convinced that thanks to these all natural pet supplements, our beautiful dog enjoyed a rich and rewarding life right until her passing at almost 17 years of age.


Following this we began to create a formula specifically for animals and gifted it to all of our family and friends. After a short time and enough positive feedback for the products, we created Medi-Pet.