What are Pet-Terpenes™

While there is much excitement in Australia about the potential of terpenes, we are proud to bring you a range of Pet-TerpenesTM formulated especially for your furry friends!

What are they?

Pet-Terpenes™ are a proprietary blend of Organic Hemp Seed oil and botanical terpenes such as BCP oil, developed specifically for dogs and cats.

Terpenes are organic plant extracts found in most plants, however, they have been made famous due to their prevalence in hemp plants.

What do they do?

We are the first to formulate high quality pet terpenes in Australia.

  • Our Pet-BCP™ blend will improve bone, brain and skin health, as well as reducing inflammation in your pet, by interacting and balancing their Cb2 receptors.
  • Our Pet-Myrcene™ blend reduces pain and relaxes muscles, by interacting with TRPV1 receptors in your pet, at half a dropper, and acts as a gentle sleep aid for your pet, at a full dropper.
  • Our Pet-Linalool™ blend induces an anxiolytic effect in animals. Anxiolytic medicines are compounds that produce anti-anxiety effects when consumed. 

How do they work?

Pet-Terpenes™ come in a dropper bottle, and the liquid is squeezed on top of your pet’s meal. Even fussy eaters enjoy the taste of these all natural pet supplements, so don't worry!

The Pet-Terpenes™ will then interact with our furry friend's endocannabinoid system, a large cell signalling system within their body.  

Where is the evidence?

Below are some links to studies conducted on Myrcene, BCP and linalool, for those interested in the data, however, many more can be found by typing the compound into your preferred search engine. 





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