3 x Pet-Carbon™

3 x Pet-Carbon™

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What is it?

Pet-Carbon™ is a  pet dietary supplement, using a proprietary blend of Organic Hemp Seed oil and Carbon-60 (C60) molecules. C60 is made out of pure carbon atoms and is also naturally occurring here on Earth! The Pet-Carbon™ blend has been formulated for dogs and cats of all sizes and ages.

What does it do? 

  • Pet-Carbon™ extends the lifespan of our furry friends 
  • Pet-Carbon™ improves quality of pet life, especially older pets

How does it work?

Pet-Carbon™ is packed full of Carbon Fullerene (C60) molecules. C60 is a potent free radical scavenger (anti-oxidant) and has the ability to search out and attach itself to free radicals in our pets body, by donating or sharing an electron with them. Once these damaging free radicals are repaired, they no longer affect the area around them and the body can begin to repair itself.


Size: 30ml

Dose: 1ml per day, dispense on top of food (2 x half dropper)

Ingredients: Pet-Carbon™, Organic Hemp Seed Oil