Pet-BCP™ (CB2 Oil)

Pet-BCP™ (CB2 Oil)

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  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Brain health
  • Bone health
  • Skin health

What is it?

Pet-BCP™  is a proprietary blend of Organic Hemp Seed oil and botanical BCP, specially formulated for your furry friend. BCP is a natural compound found in the essential oils of plants, however, has been made famous due to its prevalence in the Canabis plants. BCP displays powerful inflammatory properties, as well as being beneficial for brain, bone and skin health. 

What does it do?

Our BCP blend will improve bone, brain and skin health, as well as reducing inflammation in your pet, by interacting and balancing their Cb2 receptors.

How does it work?

Pet-BCP™ comes in a dropper bottle, and the liquid is squeezed on top of your pets meal. Even fussy eaters enjoy the taste, so don't worry!

The Pet-BCP™ will then interact with your furry friend's endocannabinoid system, a large cell signalling system within their body.  

Size: 30ml

Dose: 2 x half the dropper daily, with food

This product is for animal use only.